My Midlife Crisis

Growing Up

When I was young, my father would drive me around town in his white 1988 Trans Am GTA. It was loud, the exhaust smelled funny, and it was fast. To me as a passenger, that car was the coolest thing ever. Thirty-two years later, the car is still running fine and my dad still drives it in the summer. That cars not going anywhere.

I was also fortunate to live in a neighborhood with a few good cars growing up. There were Porsches, a Lotus, Corvettes, two Ferraris, an Aston Martin, and dozens of Audi’s and BMW’s. I could ride my bike to the pool and see all kind of awesome cars parked there. It definitely helped keep me interested in cars when my only other exposure was video games and movies.

1988 Firebird
My fathers 1988 Pontiac Trans AM GTA

After College

After I graduated and got my first real job, I bought my first enthusiast car. At the time, I was watching Top Gear UK religiously and saw Jeremy Clarkson’s review of the Mk7 GTI. It was then that I knew it was the car for me, and I ended up with one of the first Mk7s in the US. After getting the car, I started reaching out to people online to see if there were any clubs I could join. Fortunately, I found my local Cars ‘N’ Coffee group which I am still a member and try to attend meets every chance I get.

Almost everyone I’ve met or become friends with these last few years has been kind, welcoming, and genuinely accepting of car enthusiasts of all ages and incomes. I’ve gotten to see, ride in, and drive many cars I’d only dream of while watching Top Gear or playing Forza. I’ve also gone on a few trips and driven my MK7 GTI almost 100,000 miles in 6 years.

1988 Firebird My 2015 MK7 GTI

My Midlife Crisis

This coming year, I’m turning 30 and decided to take my passion a bit more seriously and give the GTI a break from the spirited drives. In February of this year, I reserved a spot in line to order a 2021 C8 Corvette. The first 2020 Corvettes had only just started to be reviewed and delivered to owners, but I knew a mid-engine American sportscar was going to be something special. Before the announcement of the C8, I had already been shopping for a used C7 Grand Sport almost weekly, so I was already pretty attached to the brand. After seeing the C8 in person in February, it seemed like a no-brainer to put my C7 shopping on hold, continue working on my finances, and pivot my goals to buy the new car.

1988 Firebird My future 2021 C8 Corvette?

Hurry up 2021

Hopefully, I will be taking delivery of my C8 Corvette in April or May of 2021…just a few months after my 30th birthday. This is a car I will be driving every sunny day Pittsburgh gives me. I will take it grocery shopping, on Target runs, and hopefully short rallies with friends. It’s definitely not a necessity at 30 years old and I might be slightly dramatic calling it my “mid-life crisis”, but driving and spending time out with friends is how I spend a majority of my free time. Plus, I think we all deserve to treat ourselves a little after the insane year 2020 has been. This Corvette is hopefully going to be a car I drive a lot, make a ton of memories with, and keep for a long time.

Once the car arrives, I’ll share some blogs about delivery, my thoughts, future mods, and document some journeys I take with the car. Hopefully I can work in some photos and videos into future blogs to keep them fun.

Thanks for reading.

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