COND.IO v2 – Rebuilt & Redesigned

Welcome to the new COND.IO and thanks for checking out my blog.

When I first decided to create a personal website to house my photography and blog, I went for the easy route and hosted on SquareSpace. There was nothing wrong with SquareSpace, but I was at the mercy of their templates and upgrade schedule. I did not have the flexibility I knew I would eventually want, but I also didn’t feel like putting in the work to learn WordPress. I happily used SquareSpace for over a year and was satisfied with how quickly I was able to get a site up and running.

For 2020, I decided to get my own host, learn WordPress, and build a “real” website. It took me a hours to find the right host for me, then it took a few weeks of testing to become comfortable with WordPress. So far, I am satisfied with the change and hope to continue to learn more about WordPress to improve my site.

The site should be close to complete by now, but I will still be adding new photos and small features throughout 2020. Thanks for sticking through the migration and checking out the new site.