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Matthew Condio

My name is Matthew, and I like photography, driving cars, playing with new technology, and traveling. If it’s warm out and the roads are dry, you will probably find me out driving with friends and looking for somewhere to stop for ice cream.

My goal for 2020 is to carry my camera with me more often to force myself to get better at photography.



I have always loved cars, but my passion for them really started in 2015 after I purchased a MK7 Golf GTI and started making friends in the car community. I’ve met so many great people and been fortunate to photograph some amazing cars.

Photography and travel are the perfect pair. As I get older and have more opportunities to visit new places, I am trying my best to capture my trips so I can share them with friends and family. I recently visited London and Paris and hope to share some of those photos soon.

Sometimes I take a photo of something that’s random or hard to categorize. When that happens, I add it to the Miscellaneous portfolio. This could be a sign, a local building, or a piece of tech.

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